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First off: If you ever need honest service of your car, bring it to Mike at Clove Branch. 

Clove Branch is one of the most helpful auto repair shops I’ve ever been to. I was driving down the Taconic yesterday on the way back to CT when the road got the better of my car; Suspension shut down and my former all-terrain vehicle was now a low-rider. Not being familiar with the area, my gf and I went to Yelp to find mechanics in the area and after speaking with a few different places, Mike answered the phone. Mike was great, he told me to bring the car over (luckily we had pulled over only .6 miles away) and they’d take a look at it. 

After 20 min, Mike came back and told us the car had a hole in the front right strut and couldn’t be quick-fixed so our road trip was done. While they could have ordered the part, we decided to have a flat bad come pick it up and bring it back to our local car dealer in CT. Mike and the guys at Clove Branch were unbelievably accommodating, offering to hold on to the keys for us to give to the flat bed driver the next day. After all of this, Mike didn’t charge us anything as no work was done. 

So I write this now so that the next person reading this while sitting in their broken down car on the side of the Taconic knows: Call Clove Branch!

-Dave S.

I have taken both of our vehicles there many times. Expert advice, fair pricing and he’s always willing to squeeze us in if need be (both commuters). Strongly recommend Clove Branch Muffler and Brake…!

–Abe S.

Honest workers, and very clean shop. Mike is a pleasure to deal with. Will absolutely use Clove branch again in the future.

–Mike V.

I have been dealing with clove branch for over 10 years after a neighbor introduced me to Mike and his team.  Customer service is outstanding.  The repair are always good.  One time they installed a new catalytic convertor / manifold.  6 myths later a problem came up with it.  Mike took it back in, replaced  it under parts warranty from  the manufacture.  Then when I picked it up he said no charge for labor.   WHERE DO YOU FIND MECHANICS LIKE THIS NOW A DAYS!!!!!!

–Bill B.